Countryside Auberge

We will be happy to welcome you (20/24 total capacity) for your family celebrations, birthdays, and of course that special moment for lovers. The specialties from our cuisine depend on market availability. Please reserve in advance.

Entrée (starters)

  • Broccoli terrine
  • Zucchini in its pastry
  • Homemade foie gras
  • Ocean crepe with clams and shrimp
  • Fresh cheese squash with zucchini
  • Duck gizzards

Main dish

  • Shoulder of piglet with mushroom sauce and baked potatoes
  • Chicken with “bouchot” mussels  (personal recipe)
  • Tail of Burbot fish with creamy bouillon sauce, vapor rice with curry
  • Provençal stew
    Gratin Dauphinois (baked potatoes) with Chanterelles mushrooms
  • Courgiflette”©”, baked zucchini with Reblochon cheese (personal recipe)
  • Salade of marinated Barbet Rouget fish
  • Porc spare-ribs “à la Provençale” (tomato, garlic, parsley sauce), steamed potatoes with herbs
  • Trièves raviolis with mushroom sauce
  • Strips of squid “à la Dieppoise” (mussels, white wine, bechamel sauce)
  • Perch steak with a variety of vegetables
  • Veal paupiette (rolled stuffed slices of veal) with basil farfalles (noodles)
  • Chicken thighs with Girolles mushrooms


  • Tarte Tatin (apple pie)
  • Chocolate cake with rashberries
  • Red fruits crumble pie
  • Normandy apple crepe
  • Pies with fruit from the orchards
  • Cyril Lignac Chocolate Cake